World Cup Russia 2018


Everybody loves to play World Cup Russia 2018

⚽🏆 The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Undoubtedly it is the most awaited championship by sports fans. Even more with great selections composed by the best stars. How could it be different World Cup Soccer 2018 is a special game, which represents the grandiosity of this tournament. In order to bring the entire magical atmosphere of the Cup, the game features the up-to-date rosters of 32 teams, players with individual attributes and a polished 3D game engine. Put your selection on the field and win the most coveted soccer title in the world!

The best 32 national teams

🏳 The game features all 32 World Cup teams. That being the case, there is no need to unlock teams. That is, just choose the selection you want and start playing the best soccer in the world.



Updated rosters

📋 There is nothing better than playing with the greatest stars today. To immerse ourselves in the World Cup universe we update the teams with the players summoned. This way you can enjoy the whole atmosphere of the game with the main actors of the show.

Players with individual attributes

👥 Above all, each player has specific characteristics. Some are faster, others finalize better, each has an individual strength. Therefore, the disputes will be decided in the details, respect your opponents not to be surprised.



Best 3D game engine

🕹 No doubt the game engine is what makes Soccer World Cup 2018 a must see. Be it for experienced football fans, or for those who just want to feel the thrill of the biggest soccer tournament. In short, the controls are easy to use and the interface is intuitive. However, matches are challenging because true champions are made of experience.

High quality 3D graphics

🎨 For the players to feel all the excitement of the Cup, nothing better than fantastic graphics. Thus the visual aspect of the game allows total immersion in matches. Certainly well-played soccer passes through stadiums, scenarios and first-rate characters.



Artificial intelligence

🤖 Certainly games are more exciting when they are more played. With the artificial intelligence system opponents adapt to the game situations. In addition to learning their strategies. After all, everyone wants to be world champions and will make everything happen.

Game Modes

🌐 Put two great rivals ahead of you, anywhere, anytime. Play friendly matches with all the official game atmosphere. But do not miss out on your saga in pursuit of the world’s most important soccer title. Play the World Cup from your group stage to the grand finale.